Good neighbour relations are built together with residents’ associations

Being a good neighbour to Helsinki residents near the different harbours is important to the Port, since the Port’s operations have a strong presence in their daily lives. The Port continued its close cooperation with residents’ associations in 2021.

Taking care of the pleasantness of the surrounding area is part of the Port of Helsinki’s everyday work. The Port is cooperating with the City on development work to improve the efficiency of urban traffic. The Port also has its own digital projects that are implemented in its area, the objective of which is to further streamline the embarkation process.


Vuosaaren satamapäivä web sites headerpicture with lots of people attending Vuosaaren satamapäivä event.

The Port has made efforts to give its work more of a face by taking part in local resident events and evenings and art projects in the area, and by getting involved in grassroots cleaning days in spring and autumn. Communication with residents’ associations in the operation areas is part of the Port’s normal operations.

In 2021, the Port kept in touch with the residents’ associations of nearby areas by holding meetings in Satamatalo and online events, and via e-mail. These involved going through questions and wishes that the residents of the nearby areas had regarding the Port’s development programme and other topics.

  • The Port engages in discussion regarding port operations on its Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram channels. In total, the Port’s social media channels have more than 9,000 followers. In 2021, travel and COVID-19, the Port’s environmental investments and parking at passenger harbours were highlighted as important themes.
  • Due to the pandemic, Vuosaari Harbour Day could not be held in its conventional format in the Vuosaari Harbour area in 2021. To make up for the cancellation, the Port of Helsinki was strongly involved in activities on the new Vuosaari Harbour Day website administrated by Visit Vuosaari. Information about the Port was provided virtually. Read more: (in Finnish)
  • In June and September 2021, the Port of Helsinki once again held a cleaning afternoon in the Jätkäsaari neighbourhood, the purpose of which was to be involved in improving the pleasantness of the area on a more personal level: Port staff members volunteered to collect rubbish between the West Terminal and Huutokonttori.

Reputation measurements among the people of Jätkäsaari

Jätkäsaari is the busiest of Helsinki’s harbours. The Port measures its reputation and interest group support correlating with it among the residents of Jätkäsaari on a regular basis to obtain information backed by research on the attitudes of this interest group towards the Port.

The research has been conducted with the Reputation&Trust model in 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020. The research was not conducted in 2021 but will be conducted again in 2022.

  • According to the latest research from 2020, the Port’s reputation rating among the people of Jätkäsaari is 3.45, which is very close to a good rating.

The Port supported maritime operations

The Port of Helsinki wants to take care of its operating environment. The Port’s societal support is targeted primarily at maritime operations, which have objectives promoting common interests similar to those related to the Port’s responsibility.

  • The Port of Helsinki is supporting the University of Helsinki’s Baltic Sea research with a three-year (2020–2022) donation programme. The funding has enabled the University to hire a doctoral student to assess opportunities related to wind power in Finland.
  • In February 2021, the Port granted support to Helsingin meripelastusyhdistys ry, the Finnish Seamen’s Service, the Finnish Seamen’s Mission and the Finnish Lifeboat Institution.
  • In 2021, the Port once again took part in work for the Baltic Sea through the Baltic Sea Action Group’s Christmas campaign.
  • In December, the Port supported disadvantaged people in the local area through Helsinki Cathedral Parish’s diaconal work.