The Port’s development programme will centralise traffic to West Harbour and Katajanokka Harbour

Infograph that explains that the develpment of the capital city and the port fo hand in hand.

To the Port of Helsinki, ensuring profitable growth in the long term and being a functional part of Helsinki are important. The Port’s development programme provides guidelines for development. The City Board’s positive advance position will start the proper planning and implementation of the development programme.

For three years now, the Port has been carrying out scenario work and surveys in order to rearrange port functions in Helsinki, as per the guidelines of the Mayor.

The City and the Port carried out extensive cooperative preparations and ended up selecting an option in which passenger ship traffic to Tallinn will be centralised to West Harbour and Stockholm traffic to Katajanokka Harbour.

  • In late January 2021, the Helsinki City Board made a decision-in-principle concerning rearrangements of port operations and principles of land use in harbour areas of South Harbour, Katajanokka Harbour and West Harbour. The decision-in-principle was used as a basis for preparing the overall development programme.
  • The Board of Directors of the Port of Helsinki approved the development programme in October with the City Board’s positive position as a condition.
  • The City Board’s positive advance position on the development programme was announced in January 2022.

Extensive rearrangements

The development programme provides guidelines long into the future and an opportunity to develop port operations in a profitable manner.

The Port’s development programme features port operation rearrangements concerning different city districts, and its implementation will take almost a decade.

  • Passenger ship traffic to Tallinn will be centralised to West Harbour.
  • Stockholm traffic will be centralised to Katajanokka
  • Changes to the areas and terminals will be made at West Harbour and Katajanokka Harbour.
  • A harbour tunnel will be built for vehicle traffic from West Harbour to Länsiväylä.

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